Say What?

It's really frustrating when someone isn't paying attention to us.

Knowing how that feels, we don't ever want someone else, like our friend, co-worker or client, to feel we aren't giving them our full attention. And as a service provider, active listening should be a top priority. 

Sir Richard Branson eloquently described his leadership credo in five simple words: "Listen more than you talk." According to Branson, if you want to be a great leader, it's more important to be a great listener than a great speaker, because "nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak." 

Another memorable quote on this theme is: 'We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak,” as attributed to the famous Greek philosopher, Epictetus.

It’s goes without saying, listening to the needs of our clients/customers is critical. When we understand their needs and what’s holding them back from being more successful, we can come up with a solution. In today’s unique business climate, our customers/clients are being faced with new and growing challenges. With challenges, though, come viable new opportunities, so it’s important to see the glass half full. 

It’s especially good news that our founder, Steve Goodman, listened to his clients and his employees, to understand their pain points and that is the story of how Inkbench was born. 

So, our team has been actively listening to our clients’ challenges, busy coming up with new innovative solutions, and are excited to deliver the goods! Our goal? To make our clients’ lives easier and more productive—and their brands more profitable. And, our mission of Client Delight drives our platform and our team to new heights.

Here are just some of the features on our Inkbench platform that came from our clients’ feedback:

  • Resize templates easily from social media posts and ads to flyers and more with a few clicks.

  • Spell Check is now available if yur a pour spller, you’ll appreciate it!

  • Image Cropping is here. 

 Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get granular. First up: Design Canvas:

  • Hole Punch allows you to crop the inside of a shape to reveal the layer below. Upload your own shapes or use our rectangles, circles, and triangles.

  • Keyword search function is enhanced so you will easily find the perfect, brand-approved image.

  • High-resolution output is the first step toward a robust print solution that’s coming soon!

But wait, there’s more. Next onto the Brand Library:

  • Improved speed when the library refreshes which is invaluable especially if you have thousands of assets (and many of our clients do).

  • Manage, edit, add and delete your asset meta in bulk rather than one asset at a time.

  • Keyword search now includes tile text so you can find the brand asset that you tagged with a word or phrase.

 And finally (whew!) we’ve added features to our Brand Control System:

  • Administrators have the option to duplicate workspaces.

  • ‘Workspace Manager’ role allows the enterprise administrator to give workplace management privileges.

  • Administrators and users (with workspace privileges) can move projects, templates and their related assets to multiple workspaces.

 A sneak peek at what’s on the horizon…

  •  Seamless printer integration will allow you to produce high-resolution turnkey print materials, including bleeds, multi-page and CMYK output, and design ruler among many other enhancements.

  • Redesigned Canvas to give you more design space to help bring your designs to life.

Being a good listener is important for any organization, but especially for those of us in the service industry; it's the best road to success for both us and our clients.

Thanks for listening.