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, Does your brand need a BAM or DAM?

BAM vs. DAM: Which One Does Your Brand Need?

Managing a brand is similar to conducting a symphony. Typically, there is a Brand Champion/CMO (conductor), team members (musicians) and brand assets (instruments). A strong performance involves the best talent and available resources that are orchestrated flawlessly and delivered as a single brand vision (beautiful symphony) to its audience(s). Let’s take a closer look at how to fine-tune a brand using tools like a BAM or DAM to achieve the best results.

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Three Valuable Lessons I Learned on a Business Trip

Recently our Inkbench CEO, George Abraham and I embarked on a cross-country business trip to the Mile High City—Denver, CO. Inkbench was sponsoring the IFPG Denver Regional Mixer and we spent the day (and evening) with IFPG members. Not knowing what to expect, we quickly realized it was an extraordinary opportunity to learn from, and network with franchisors, other supplier/partners, consultants and the IFPG team. We also had the good fortune to be invited to a lively rooftop reception at the Franchise Tailgate the evening before, reconnecting with some familiar faces, while making new “FranFriends.” 

Overall, Denver was a very successful business trip on many levels and here are just three of the valuable lessons I learned (or relearned): 

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