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Inky is an octopus. Her natural color is a dark purple, but she can blend in with any background. She’s often changing her color to match the coral reef she lives near. Inky's natural color is a dark purple, but she can blend in with any background. Like all other octopuses, Inky has 3 hearts, 8 arms, and 9 brains. These things make her great at multitasking, caring about others, and coming up with creative solutions. She has been at Inkbench since our beginning in 2018. Inky represents who we are and what we aspire to as a company. At Inkbench we work all eight limbs to unify the big and little parts of a brand, so anything from your main logo to an old facebook ad is automatically saved and archived. Like inky, we’re great at blending in, no matter the company size.


Inkbench welcomes new SVP, Sales Lamar Russo to Accelerate Growth

Inkbench, the leading patented brand management platform  where businesses share, customize and protect their brand assets, welcomes Lamar Russo, as its new Sr. Vice President, Sales. Lamar joins Rob Howgate, VP, Sales to further advance the company's expansion.

"Lamar is an outstanding addition to our Inkbench team, bringing 25+ years of sales management experience, and his steadfast focus on client success, said George Abraham, CEO, Inkbench." As Inkbench continues its rapid growth in the U.S. and Europe, Lamar's impressive background in driving business development and his sales leadership will further accelerate Inkbench's sales growth."

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